LOCKNEY - The Graduation ceremonies of Lockney High School's Class of 2020 have been changed as follows:
Lockney High School Graduation
Mitchell-Zimmerman Stadium
9:00 P.M. on May 22nd, 2020
Unfortunately, this will be a closed event for our Seniors and a limited number of their families and guests. LISD will have photographers, videographers, and a drone pilot on hand to record the event and will post pictures and video soon afterward.
Each Senior has been given three tickets to designate there guests. One ticket is for a section of bleachers on the home side and will provide for five family members who live under the same roof OR three family/guests who do not live under the same roof. Another ticket is for a section of the bleachers on the visitor's side and will also provide for five family members living under the same roof OR three guests who do not live under the same roof. The third ticket is for two guests to join the graduates on the field. We are sorry for the situation we are in. We know this community always comes out in a big way to celebrate their LHS Graduates and we are hoping this class truly is one in a million in regard to the limitations on our graduation celebration.
We are asking the public to avoid the area around the stadium during the ceremony so that the sound system does not have to compete with the noise from traffic. Also, faculty and staff are not allowed to attend unless you have been assigned a specific role in the ceremony.
We will utilize cones on the practice field to assemble our guests in groups consistent with the names listed on their ticket. This ensures that there is no group larger than five. There will be no congregation before or after the event. Guests are to park in the football parking lot and are not to get in line until the entire ticket party is in attendance.
Our Seniors and their two field guests are to park in the alley just north of the football field and use the north gate by the field house. Upon entry, the Seniors will report to the field house and the field guests will take their place on the field.
After the ceremony, the Graduates and their field guests will exit the stadium. At that time, the guests in the bleachers will be released a section at a time to ensure social distancing.
We are sorry for the rigid rules for this celebration but we know that you are fully aware of the impact this pandemic has had on every other aspect of our lives as well.
Class of 2020...this is just one more aspect that makes you unique! We are proud of you!