FLOYDADA - Floydada High School Yearbook created Senior Spotlights to honor our 2020 Seniors. They interviewed each Senior and created a spotlight of them. 

Meet Ma'Kayla Garcia!

Favorite High School Memory:

When I found out I had a talent for art.

Who/What is your inspiration?

My mom inspires me to be alive, Ms. Hendrix inspired me to be a better artist, and Poppy inspired me to be different.

What are your plans after graduation?

Go to college, get an art degree and a business degree and I plan to live in the Dallas area to either teach or be a graphic designer. If that doesn’t work, I will go to the Navy or Marines.

What is your favorite color?

Baby-blue or Crimson

What is your favorite movie or TV Show?

Bob’s Burgers is my favorite TV Show and all of the Tim Burton movies.     

What is your favorite music?

Rock or EDM

What is the thing you have missed most about high school and staying home?

What I miss most is being able to walk around and see everyone I know. I won’t get that in college and I won’t ever get it again.

2019-2020 FHS Yearbook Staff: Alazai Vasquez, Aliana Gonzales, Alyssa Obregon, Angel Fipps, Anyssa Sanchez, Denise Mendoza, Devin Reyes, Elyanna Medellin, Emilly Lopez, Faith Allen, Hanna Hernandez, Hermilo Martinez, Kaitlyn Vega, Katy Hobbs, Lacy Gourdon, MaKayla Garcia, Mary Strange, Myra Garcia, Natalee Romero, Siobhon Garza, and Victoria Esquivel.