LOCKNEY – City Manager, Buster Poling, announced a strongly worded notice to the city’s residents regarding possible water restrictions due to recent usage of water reserves.

The City of Lockney is approaching water usage numbers that would trigger the City’s Stage 1-Voluntary Water Restrictions of the Drought Contingency Plan. Poling explained that the City is required to implement the Drought Contingency Plan when 80% of the ground storage capacity for seven (7) straight days is used.


To ensure the City’s reserves, residents are asked to voluntarily limit:

  1. Washing of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, etc.
  2. Washing of exterior walls of houses and /or businesses.
  3. Daily lawn-watering

Manager Poling made the point, “If we all do our part, we hope NOT to trigger Stage 1: Voluntary Water Restrictions.”

If residents do not limit their current water usage resulting in a critical drop in water reserves, the following mandatory restrictions will be put into place.

Stage 1: Voluntary Water Restrictions:

  1. Alternate week-day watering schedule for even-numbered and odd-numbered addresses
  2. No washing of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, etc.
  3. No washing down exterior walls of houses.

Under the Drought Contingency Plan, the City must give immediate NOTICE to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality upon entering Stage 1: Voluntary Water Restrictions.

The City of Lockney is not currently utilizing the Aiken Well; however, Poling explained that “…having that well up and running does not impact the Drought Contingency Plan because that well’s capacity does not change the volume of the ground storage capacity, nor would that water alleviate the need for future water resources for the City of Lockney.” Poling added that the City of Lockney “…is diligently trying to bring the Aiken Well back online having Engineering plans in hand and we are moving forward as quickly as possible to reactivate Aiken.”

Manager Poling distributed this notice to the residents of Lockney, effective May 11, 2020. 

To be clear, the City of Lockney is currently NOT under official water restrictions; however, if current usage is not immediately curtailed, the City will be forced to implement the City's Drought Contingency Plan: Stage 1.