The Scoop's OPENING DAY: Saturday, May 16, 2:00 p.m.
The Scoop's OPENING DAY: Saturday, May 16, 2:00 p.m.

FLOYDADA – Kylie Ricketts hasn’t let COVID-19 take away her dreams—instead, she took a giant step and opened a business. The Scoop—your source for ice cream and edible cookie dough in Floydada—opens for business Saturday, May 16th at 2:00 p.m.

Kylie, a 2019 FHS graduate, explained that this has been a plan for some time. “My family has always talked about some kind of summer-time business,” but Kylie took that kernel of an idea and ran with it while other college freshmen were trying to juggle “back-at-home” and “distance-learning.” 

“I wanted to come up with something that I could do during the summers,” and although she will also reap the benefits of paying herself, she wanted to have fun. “I asked myself, ‘What would be good for summers, but also be fun?’ and I think it will be fun building the excitement for The Scoop Opening each year. It will give the community something to do and a place to hang out.”

Ricketts’ collegiate studies were centered around becoming an English Teacher—and this venture has nothing to do with English! “No,” she laughs, “not at all!” So how did she go from college classes to starting a brand-new business?  “After I kinda planned the ice cream, I had to put together a business plan—which is really stressful!” That plan gave her a roadmap—a tried and true tool in opening a business.

“I think the best part of everything was putting together the logo and marketing stuff,” says Kylie. “I really enjoyed that and had that done early. I remember thinking, ‘Okay. That’s done, We’ve got a business!' But there was so much more to do than I ever expected.”

“It takes a lot more planning than I expected,” explained Ricketts. “Oh, gosh! It was a lot—even after we decided on what kinds to offer—there are so many little details…and then the building!” Kylie talked about getting the pre-fabricated shed that she is using as The Scoop. “When it was set down, I thought, ‘This will be good!’ but then we had to put in insulation, and wait to put up the walls, then put in the floor, and then people had to run the electricity, cut holes and put in the windows, and get the water put in…it’s a lot!”

With the help of her contractor (Dad Tony) and her family, The Scoop building became more than just a dream. “Since this was my thing, I had to help with all of it,” stated Ricketts. When asked if she had any prior building-trades experience, she chuckles and admits “…I probably should have taken something more than Plant and Soil Classes” in high school. “Mrs. Ramirez will be proud of the flowers I planted—I did that myself!” She points to the beautiful pink silk flowers lined up in the blocks lining the deck. LOL!

When asked ‘What was the worst part of the construction?” Kylie told the story of the deck fabrication. “We started with 16 pallets that we had to go pick up. Then after bringing them out here, we found out that all pallets aren’t the same size. Some of them had big holes in them, and others had narrow spaces in between. I had decided to start fixing the pallets by filling in the spaces with other pieces of pallet wood. It took me three hours to fill up the first pallet! I wasn’t going to keep doing that, so we got all the pallets set up and aligned, put sheets of wood down and attached the turf. Thank God I’m done with that—and we are still going to use the pallet I worked so hard on!” She pointed to the one uncovered pallet leading up to the deck. “I wasn’t about to not use it after all that work!”

Kylie Ricketts has grown up in the past few weeks. She talks of computer apps that allow for a streamlined ordering system, insulation, recordkeeping duties, flooring, electrical conduit, and taxes just like a pro! When asked what advice she would give others that are looking to start up their own business, she thinks for a minute then states emphatically, “Plan for the unexpected!” She explains, “I knew it was going to be a lot of work…but things happen, and you can’t control everything going on around you. Really, you just have to get on your path, work with your timeline, and hope for the best.”

After taking a couple of photos, I left Kylie to finish cleaning up the little Scoop building. She had a full day in front of her—it was ‘moving-in’ day. 

Driving away, I saw her standing on the deck with her hands on her hips—a determined young lady that has accomplished more in the past 3 months than some get done in a lifetime. What an inspiration—to those her own age, as well as those of us that are a bit more into our own lives. "You just have to get on your path, work with your timeline, and hope for the best.” Sound advice, Kylie! Sound advice, indeed!

The Scoop, located at 1234 Ralls Hwy (the Rickett’s Place) will open on Saturday, May 16th at 2:00 p.m. Drive-thru or order at the window and enjoy the deck and some sunshine! Come on out and support one of our own daughters, and our own LOCAL treat shop!! Open Monday - Saturday, 2 pm - 8 pm.

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